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VIS ISLAND – Croatian Natural Paradise

Vis Island, a small and the most remote of all the Central Dalmatian islands is the last natural paradise in the eastern Mediterranean, a perfect summer gateway.It’s one of the last havens that for almost 50 years was a military base, and until 1989 was off limits. The island of Vis has been for a long time isolated and cut off from foreign visitors. The only benefit of island’s almost 50 years total isolation, is its untouched and pristine nature what makes this island really “the Mediterranean as it once was”.Vis’ lack of development has become an invitation as a new tourist destination for local and international travelers, seeking for genuineness, unspoiled nature, gourmet delights and above all the tranquility. If you are a kind of traveler looking for a peaceful place without crowds than Vis will be a perfect island. The only period when it loses its ‘tranquility’ is during three weeks of August each year when Italian tourists invade the island.

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